DGT Bamana Tribe Long Sleeve Tee (Sand)

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DGT Bamana Tribe Long Sleeve Tee (Sand)

Shirts made to order; expect shirts to ship 4-8 weeks from order date, purchase confirmation will ensure shirt availability. Please be patient, please contact us with inquiries, and THANK YOU for your support!

Hey! We get it, sometimes we want to blend in, but still stand out. Enter: the Sand DIGI Tribe Shirt.

Bamana Traditional African Printmaking

Since the beginning of time humans have passed down knowledge and traditions via messages conveyed using unique symbols. The Bamana Tribe first began printing hand made symbols on cloth many centuries ago. Their tradition of cloth making and printmaking techniques are some of the earliest known examples to have been used for this passing of traditions and histories. Bamana Women first began creating bespoke clothing commissioned by members of their communities; the symbols displayed on these cloths conveyed various meanings, depending on what function the clothing was commissioned for. Examples include clothing made for: battle, ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, and holidays and traditions passed down through generations.

These handmade bespoke shirts are imbued with purpose for the Digital Good Times Community. Three important symbols from the Bamana Tribe are featured on the front and back design of the shirt.

THE FLOWER - Prosperity (Calabash Flower)

THE CIRCLE and DOT - Love of Family and Community / Unity

THE 3 LINES - Spindle, Cloth, Wealth, Abundance

We hope you enjoy and proudly display your Bamana DIGI Tribe Tee. Each shirt is handmade, one of a kind, and limited to our supporters, and members of the DIGI Tribe Community.